The Jenney Family

Misssionaries to the Southwest USA. Planting a church in San Clemente, CA

Southwest Facts

The Southwest is generally hot and arid with much of the land being desert dotted with cacti. The exceptions are the coastal areas of Southern California and the higher elevation areas where you will find forests.
The Southwest is home of the largest Indian reservation in the U.S. This is the Navajo reservation located in what is called the "Four Corners" of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. This is the only place in the U.S. where 4 states meet.
The Colorado River is the life line of the Southwest. Its waters sustain more than 36 million people along with a great majority of our nations food supply.
This panoramic view of the south-western United States and Pacific Ocean was taken by an astronaut looking out at an angle from the International Space Station (ISS). The image includes parts of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and California, as well the coastline of Baja California, Mexico (image centre left). The Las Vegas metropolitan area appears as a gray region adjacent to the Spring Mountains and Sheep Range (both covered by white clouds). The Grand Canyon, located on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona, is visible to the east of Las Vegas, with the blue waters of Lake Mead in between. The image also includes the Mojave Desert, stretching north from the Salton Sea to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The Sierra Nevada is roughly 640 km long (north-south) and forms the boundary between the Central Valley of California and the adjacent Basin and Range physiographic province.