The Jenney Family

Misssionaries to the Southwest USA. Church Planting in Southern CA

Stephen Jenney
       Stephen grew up in the Catholic Church. When he was a young boy he was concerned about life after death knowing that everyone will die some day. Stephen was also very curious about the truth of life and about God. It was not until late in highschool that he actually began a search for truth. He found a book about the end times that explained salvation. While reading this book Stephen acknowledged his sinful condition, knelt down on his bedroom floor and accepted Christ for his salvation. He was 18 years old when he was saved. Aftaer graduating highschool Stephen moved to the Chicago area to attend a trade school. It was there that God led him to an independent Baptist Church and called him into ministry. A year later he began studying at Ambassador Baptist College where God began to work in his heart about a church planting ministry. Through the preaching of God's Word, circumstances, experiences, counseling and desires that God has placed in his heart Stephen has surrendered to God to plant churches in the Southwest.
Charity Jenney
       Charity was born into a Christian home. When she was around four or five, she remembers being on the trampoline with her brother Daniel who was witnessing to her. Charity believes that day was the first time she, in childlike faith, asked Christ to forgive her of her sins and save her. Most of Charity's  life she has had a desire to be involved in full-time ministry.